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Peoples Do Not Celebrate Festival In the Years 2020-2021


Peoples are not celebrating festivals in the year 2020-2021 in India because of the reason of Covid-19. During Covid-19 cases are increases in India day by day many patients of every state are rather increases. For few times patients of Coronavirus are increased very fastly as compared to the previous year. How many people are still dead like before the corona wave was back in India again.

It is to be seen that Corona is back at double the speed, more and more Jayda cases are raging in India. While the vaccine is also on fire and those who have got the vaccine are also getting corona. Everything has been stopped again due to corona, a reindeer has been put in place so that the cases are not hired and many Indian richest peoples are helping poor people.

Corona is a very harmful virus for old age peoples and newborn babies. Peoples Does Not Celebrate festivals in the corona period so all peoples are very sad they are not meet for any peoples. Indian People have a habit of meeting all the people.


All this is happening due to the negligence of some people, there are still some people who are inexplicably leaving the house and are not wearing masks. Police and doctors are working very hard for their country they are helping many peoples. Make sure to get the vaccine done at your turn, and even after getting the vaccine, you have to use the mask and the sanitizer.

Corona is not over yet still needs to be aware. Mostly Corona is happening to those people who are not wearing masks. All of this makes the poor man very upset that he does not have any money anyway and is not getting any work anywhere.

The whole country is troubled because Corona and the leaders are still rallying, there is no way in Coronas rally. Corruption leaders like India can not get anywhere else, you are all leaders who are corruption they have to see only money anywhere.

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