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Again Coronavirus Cases Increases In India -April 2021

 At this time Coronavirus (COVID-19) is back in India. However Indian peoples recover more. Some Peoples are India is do not follow the rule of Covid-19 they were increases in day by day in India. The vaccine is also on fire now, even then the corona is penetrating.

 There are some people who are neither applying masks nor applying vaccines. At this time government has passed some rules about covid-19 in few states. Orders to close the market quickly and do not go out unnecessarily and go to work, wear the mask on the face.

 Covid-19 is not over yet; Get vaccine when your turn comes. A vaccine is important for you because it destroys the bacteria in your body. All the people are still aware that the corona is now doubling fast in India. Stay awake in one way or the other. They are following the rule of Corona, some people are not doing anything. 

Because of this, this distinction has been very strong, but India's recovery rate is very good towards Covid. Covid's Vaccine people will also have a  start. Daily it takes at least 4 lakh people. It will take you 2 douse, after one month it will take another.

When it comes to your turn, you are getting the help of this vaccine for 45 years. To avoid corona, use the Mask Sanitizer and drink lukewarm water.

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