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Bharti Singh Arrested By NCB During Involved In Drugs


Bharti Singh is one of the famous Indian Comedians she belonged to funny comedy. At this NCB is arrested for Bharti Singh During taking for Drugs. Bharti Singh has also taken to accept that he has taken drugs. This was to get drunk, which is a legal offense in India. Now they are asking, are these drugs not peddlers? She is very popular on social media. 

In this time Bharti Singh and her husband Harsh Limbachiya faced many problems because NCB officers ask many questions about the drugs. This problem is the very biggest problem of Bharti because she is very popular in social media account. During this time her social media fan following are decrease and many fans hate Comedian Bharti. Now his band rang, he was the judge of his own show which name is Khatra Khatra Khatra. 

Bharti is facing many problems in our life because they also belong to middle-class families. So middle-class family peoples facing many small and big problems. Everybody is wondering whether Bharti Singh could be imprisoned or will be strictly investigated. After seeing all this and after Sushant's departure, the drug box of Bollywood has opened. So Indian 

Peoples are hated by a lot of people from Indian Bollywood. Because all Bollywood heroes and heroines are also taken drugs or alcohol. This thing is truly bad it effect directly for the kidney of the human body. It seems an NCB was strict eye on Bharti Singh, she is a very big comedian but now people have started hating her because she has consumed drugs

If these people take drugs then what will be the effect on their fans. Doing all this causes a lot of damage to the body, we should not consume them if you want to stay fit and not at all and take a laugh natural diet

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