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Mars Rocks

Mars planet is red coloured because the colour of land and rocks on mars is also seemed to be red but the Perseverance Rover sent to the red planet by the American space agency NASA has seen the purple coloured rock. actually, it is a coating of purple colour on the rock. These purple coloured rocks are present in Jezero Crater of different sizes from smallest to large rocks. 

The scientists of  NASA  are still not able to understand how the purple coloured rocks formed or how the rocks have been coated with purple colour. Geochemist N. Olila told that they don't have an answer about the purple rocks found by the Perseverance Rover. He gave this information to the AGU (American Geophysical Union).

N. Olila said that it seems like the rocks are being painted, some have thin layers and some have a thick layer of it. These rocks are being examined. They only will come to any conclusion after the chemical test of the rocks. It is the result of the earlier environment on the planet Mars or any other new change. 

Earlier green coloured rocks were also found on Mars by the Curiosity Rover near Mount Sharp in the year 2016. NASA saw that there are different coloured rocks on Mars everywhere. N. Olila told that it was easy to search for the Curiosity Rover as the sand was flowing along with the wind as no sand was obstructing their search or test. Bradley Garsinky's team of Pardue University is doing the study on it.

This team is studying the pictures provided by the Perseverance Rover's MastCam-z camera or eye. The team of N. Olila is trying to melt the coating on the rocks by laser shoot. Scientists believe that hydrogen and iron has an important role in the formation of this purple colour. It means somehow water is also involved in this process. 

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