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Happy Navratri 2020


Happy Navratri to all of you. This festival is the biggest in India. Everyone celebrates this festival by uniting. This is Kolkata's very famous festival of West Bengal. In India Durga Puja is celebrated with great pomp in Bengal. Durga festival is celebrated in 9 days. Durga Ji has 9 forms and each of her forms has a day. This festival is being celebrated well because of Coronavirus. Hindus celebrate this festival. In this festival, Durga Ji is worshiped and worshiped. So that people can have love and everyone can get together. India does not have the same atmosphere as before due to Coronavirus in the 2020 year. 

Due to Corona, the Government has not even given permission to more people. Due to this, it is not fun at the festival. Otherwise, the festival of India is celebrated like a wedding. In this festival, Durga Ji gets to sit, she is married to Shankar. She is the religious wife of Shankar Bhagwan. 

The First roop of Durga Ji is Shailputri, Second is Brahmacharini, Third is Chandraghanta, Fourth is Kusmanda, Fifth is Skandata, Sixth is Katyayani, Seventh is Kaalratri, Eight is Mahagauri and Ninth is Siddhidaatree. There are the main forms or roops of the Durga Ji. Durga Ji is very good and sincere in heart. There are many devotees. It is a very good thing that shows the culture of our country, how much of a consciousness we have in our country. This makes people make this festival with the help of each other. All the artisans who created the idol of Durga Ji are from West Bengal and Kolkata, this art lives in the same people.

Those people make the idol and design it very well. On the 10th day, the idol of Durga Ji is taken for poisoning, and then she is cooled in water. This is the culture of India, people celebrate the festival with great pomp and enjoy it a lot. The people of India are the only ones who will meet in the whole world and adjust themselves to all of them. This is the special thing about the people of India. We are not able to celebrate the festival in India, because the atmosphere is not the same now due to Coronavirus. Let everyone pray that Covid-19 leaves early and we all started roaming happily as before all peoples are enjoy for previous times. And as much as you can, help the poor people so that the poverty of our country is removed. 

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