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Online Study Has The Opposite Effect On Children


At this time all college and school students learn Online Study. Everyone is studying online at one time or another. Ever since this Covid-19 has come, all the children are studying online and also having papers online. Everyone is studying at home in Covid-19 but it is having the opposite effect.

Children are watching and playing games and videos in the name of children so that their eyesight is getting reduced. Along with this, the digestive system of some children is also deteriorating because no physical activity is happening, just cry sitting in one place. This thing is very harmful, it can cause problems later.

Doing anything, it is good to study online after taking care of your children, but you must definitely talk to them in the free lunchtime that is available. Even if you walk around the house, it is necessary to roam. Some children are fooling their parents with the help of online study. Have your child see what he is doing, playing games, or studying.

Children’s brain is getting very good due to online study, they are going to teach everything in a shortage. Some teenagers who are doing very well are planning to do their work online. It is a very good thing that the children of India have a very good feeling of being attentive to some work.

You should keep an eye on your children that even if the Internet is good enough, it can be wrong as well. Normally you watch your child is reading or not in mobile hands and are not playing the game.

You must spend time with your children because it is very important for you and your children. Children are becoming very smart with online study, they are learning everything online at such a low age.

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