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How To Stay Cool And Chill This Summer


The biggest problem is how to tolerate heat How To Stay Cool And Chill This Summer. What to say and what to do in summer that will keep your body cool. First of all, you have to take a daily bath and wash the body well. Try to get up early in the morning Maybe you can go for a morning walk. 

There is a cool breeze in the morning which is very good for the body. You have to avoid a lot of food in the summer. Do not eat fast food at all. Because it is very harmful if you consume it then the digestive system is bad so avoid them.

 You can not drink tea even in summer: You should drink more water than you can. At least per person should drink 5 liters of water. You have to stay home at the time of summer, now it is Covid-19 anyway, you will also be home and if you are filled, then follow the rule of Kovid, avoid sunlight. So beware of the covid-19 and protect your body.

 Now, what do you have to say in summer you have to say, lightweight. Do not eat the whole meal at the same time take lots of miles. During summer, be sure to friendship with the fruits, because there is a lot of energy in the fruits. In summer, you should talk about coconut water and water miles. They are very beneficial in summer.

 Also, say green vegetables and include a salad in your diet. If you feel very hot, then you can consume lemonade, it is very cool. In the summer, I request all of you that if you want to have good skin, the body should be filled with face cover. Cover the body before going out in the sun. 

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