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Youtube New Feature Is Available Which Is Youtube Shorts

 Youtube is launching a new feature which is youtube shorts. Youtube shorts is a short video platform that is called the same as TikTok. Currently, the trend of short videos is going on, there are many applications available in the market. And now YouTube is also providing these things, YouTube is now providing both short and long videos to the user. This is a very good thing, many people are learning something from this, long videos are getting to learn a lot of things.YouTube is a great thing for short entertainment so that you will be entertained in 30 seconds. 

How to do YouTube shorts? It is a question of many people, for this, you can see a sign of plus in your YouTube, you can use it. Youtube shorts are the no different app, otherwise, you might think that you have to separately download an app and download. This YouTube has provided you this feature inside the official app.YouTube app is very good, a lot of people are earning a lot of money from here and are enjoying their lives.

In the shorts application feature of YouTube, you have to show your talent in 30 seconds or make a laugh video or motivate, only then you are popular on this platform. It is a very good thing that all the people of our country are able to use such an application, it is very easy to use the YouTube application. YouTube shorts are also burning very fast as this is the second part of YouTube.

 Big Indian artists are using it and entertaining the peoples. This app is being used all over the world, just Peoples of China does not use it because they use the application they have made.

Today YouTube has spoken in the whole country, people of the country and abroad are doing it. If you become popular in this thing, then you can also earn money, you can earn by promoting you, you can earn a lot of money and your fan following your social media accounts. Because at this time every person wants to earn money and knows to be popular, so all these things are raging fast at today's time.

Children, the child is going to YouTube in today's time and most of the YouTube shorts are done by teenagers.The best thing is that if you do YouTube properly, then this application is very good, man learns a lot of things

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