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How To Remove Google Adsence ,Add Limit On Your Website Easily


google adsence add limit remove
First of all, know that there is an ADD limit in the Google AdSense account, or do you do any illegal activity that means sharing your website, sharing every post. 

This time every blogger has to face this problem most new bloggers have faced more because they have no knowledge about the blogging they have sharing a post on social media accounts. 

If someone clicks on your ads, again and again, the same level is elevated from the same aid address, ctr of your account is high then that the ad limit for google AdSense account. How to remove it, know it now For this, you have shared your post and delete it from there. 

This will happen when Google unlocks your website by 1 month, it will remove the ad limit, because of which you are not taking traffic from anywhere. If the ad limit has been set, then if the organic traffic is coming to your website, then this is the ad limit. 

That Google AdSense account and Google should bring organic traffic to your website. This is your ad limit, if you have never shared on social media, yet you have got an ad limit then you can mail on Google Adsense support send feedback on your account. 

If there is an ad limit then don't take any problem or tension, nothing happens. Just at that time, Google sends impressions less to your website.

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