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India Rank 94 In Global Hunger Index

 In India mostly people's hunger they were not proper food. India has a lot of hunger and is allowed at number 94 in India. India has estimated that 14% of the people do not get proper food here. They go to bed hungry and their lives. The people of India are facing a lot of trouble, this hunger has eaten the people. It is very difficult for India that it is commanded at number 98, looking at all the Countries. Ever since this Coronavirus came, India's problem has erupted. 

There are also many people in India who do not get food from the dug and neither can they eat nor do they have any. They are living their lives like unclaimed zombies. In today's time, the Indian population is very angry. Whereas the Unplemention is raging in India and the Hunger Peoplaces are coming together, it is a very bad thing. A lot of scams and problems are launched in India, but they all remain named. Because corruption is increasing day by day. 

All political leaders have corrupted India. Whose look means money to them, no one can help a poor person. These leaders never get close to anyone, they just mean money. Hunger is raging very fast in India Something has to be done to control it. Many schemes and programs are being run, but people are not benefiting from it. India will have to do something to get rid of the hunger index or else life may come into trouble. Coronavirus has incurred extreme poverty in the country.

Due to this, the arrival of people has stopped, but the common donor has also stopped. The private company is ruined, people do not have employment at the present time. Seeing all this, I request you to help the poor man as far as possible. The uppers have made you capable of giving something, so you can give something to someone. Help Poor People as much as possible and take care of people younger and older than yourself.

There is a lot of hunger in Africa, it is getting very difficult to control there. Hunger is 14% in India, people do not get to say proper. Help the poor man as much as you can they were depending on rich family or middle-class family. 

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