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Omicron Virus Cases Increases In India Day By Day

  Omicron virus cases are increasing day by day in India. Many state government has started night curfew. Because in India lots of patients. The government has no power that we have to do Lockdown again that our country goes backward.

This is the third wave of the Covid-19 virus. It is very harmful to newborn babies and old age people. If the cases of this virus flare-up, then the Indian government may have to re-implant it. So all of you people have to be careful and follow its rule.

In India total of 415 Omicron cases Highest cases in Maharashtra. Most people are not following any rules of government people are wearing a mask in a public place. Madhya Pradesh Government has started night curfew for 23 Dec at 11 PM to 5 AM.

People are following the rules of government against this Virus so this virus will end and we will be able to live together as before. If you have a slight cold and cough, then do not be careless, go to the doctor immediately and get treatment.

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