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What To Do To Be Happy And To Keep Others Happy


What you have to do to be happy is to be happy first and only then you will be able to keep others happy. At this time of today man does not have peace: is living a tiring life at all. Nobody has time left to sit near their people. It is very important to be happy in today's modern time. 

An unhappy man lives when he has tension with something and he is very unhappy because of that feeling. But don't worry, after reading this blog you will be happy and keep others happy too. If you believe that you are sad about something, then what should you do, watch funny videos and relax the mind to meditate.

There are many ways to be sad but very few to be happy. In this very advanced life of today, man is not getting time itself, he is going crazy after money. Everything is a game of dull give your mind, how can you be happy whenever a man can be happy and happy without worrying.

Some people are so sad about their future that they have become a victim of depression. But you are not worried about what will happen in the future. Do not hold back on your hard work, it will be good. Duty to do our work the one who gives the fruit is God.

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