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Indian Government Has Decided 43 Chinese Application Ban In India


During the inattention of India and China so many problems are creating china for Indian peoples. So the Indian government has decided to that 43 Chinese applications. Because china creates many problems for Indian peoples.

 This is very bad. Because Indian peoples are facing a very big problem which is covid-19. Covid-19 is the birth of china. In this time covid-19 peoples are increasing in India day by day. The Indian government has decided the relation with china is the end. Because china is is mean.

 It can do anything backward. India has made many China apps in the past. China's most popular app was Tiktok, which has been made a total in India. Due to this, the future of the child is deteriorating and still, there are many such apps in China that will keep the future of the child alive. 

So this is why China has become the apps of India, from now on you will see only apps from China, they will also be made in a few days. Because India does not have a relation with china. At this time no apps of china are present in India. Because most apps are banned in the rear case few apps are not banned. 

But in the future, they also banned these applications. By making China's application very good, the Indian Government said that these applications steal data and use them incorrectly. When China becomes an application, China will suffer a lot of losses, it used to profit most from India.

 China application in future unbans I think it can not possible. Whatever happened, it is good that China has spread Coronavirus all over the world. All this is happening because China does something in front and does something else. Such antics show how China is and that the people who make apps do it for the good of India.

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