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Be Aware For Online Fraud


Be aware of online fraud because this will increases day by day. In India, unemployment is more so all peoples have decided to make money for illegal things or processes. Because at this time the (GDP) Gross Domestic Product is decreased during the COVID-19  pandemic. This has left the country behind us for 5-7 years. This is increases unemployment is the main problem in India. 

People have no choice but to make money, people are making money by doing anything, so online fraud is very fast. Fraud is also setting fire like how technology is raging. People cheating through online apps. Because of this, it was fraud before but now it is burning very fast. Some online apps are leaked, their data gets leaked from anywhere. 

And at today's time, the bank's data is also leaked, it is fraudulent to call the people of ease by calling it. But it is not a big deal for the hackers who live. These things are very fast because there is no employment in the country and there is employment, it is like a population, this is causing a lot of competition.

Read carefully to tell you some ways to avoid online food. Whatever online payment app you are using, do not talk to anyone, especially children. On your registered mobile, if you receive a link related to any cashback, do not click on it and beware of fake calls. Ever tighten the bank or any company Do not call someone and take her details. 

You have to keep all these things in mind and keep your credit and debit card so that any child can do it in today's modern time. And you guys are cheating people on the application of the army, they become army navy officers and they say, send money first, then do not send it first.

 Verify everything first and only then. Otherwise, your money will go away and you will not be able to do anything. Beware of online shopping too, people will lure you that we will get you this phone in 50% off. No man is better than any man, at today's time, so be aware of it for it.

 Remain otherwise this is happening to many people today and after that, you cannot do anything. I hope you will understand everything, I will never get anything for less money. Only by verifying well, you will take something and do not trust the unknown person at all.

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