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LockDown May Take Place Again In Delhi

 Coronavirus is raging in Delhi very fast, so people are wondering if Lockdown will be back again. But it will be done from the shed itself that there is a lot of loss in getting Lockdown. Because lockdown feels so much harm to the government. This is a very bad thing, people are still not following the rules. 

Neither doing masks nor sanitizers doing it. In Delhi, coronavirus cases are increasing day by day as compared to the other state of India. Delhi is the first city of world coronavirus patients is more there. All men are taking it lightly, but it is a very big disease that comes out of it, only they know what it is.

No man is following the rules in Delhi, but everybody is gathering crowds. Wha's market also doesn't seem like anyone is following the rules. If this continues, then the people of Delhi can have a lot of problems. Because it is one of the biggest epidemics. So be aware for this is very harmful to old age peoples and newborn babies. 

Because their immunity system is deficient, it does not exist this virus. So do follow the movement because human life is more important. Delhi NCR remains a red zone at this time. Corona is spreading in most world of all, it is Delhi NCR. The people of Delhi must follow the rules very well, otherwise, they may have problems.

Many people have been harmed by Coronavirus and there are many people whose work has stopped. It is very unfair that people do not have any work. Most of the damage has been done to the entire poor family because they work daily and earn money. Therefore, you guys should follow the rules, and especially those who are living in Delhi must do it. Pollution is very much in Delhi, half the people are upset with this and half the people from this COVID 19.

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