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Indian Bollywood Drugs Box Is Open

 After the death of the Sushant Singh Rajput. Many Indian Bollywood celebrities are also involved in the drugs case. Ever since the death of Sushant Singh, this drug case has come up. Otherwise, no one knew that all this goes on in Bollywood. India Bollywood is a very bad Bollywood all over the because most of the celebrities are also taken or involved in bad habits.

 Because these people do all this for some money and they don't do it for them. This is a very wrong habit of these people. After the arrest of Sushant, Chakravarthy was arrested when the drug case came to light. Otherwise, it is not. Sara Ali Khan, Deepika Padukone, and Shraddha Kapoor those Indian celebrities are also taken or paddled for the drugs. Many proofs are open for the case of Sushant or some whats app chats are see the CBI offers they have taken the proofs or see some Indian actress are also involved in this case. Because Man becomes addicted to drugs. 

If someone takes it once, then he becomes addicted to drugs. No benefit in taking it please stay away from it. Kangana Ranaut is very supportive of Sushant and she is also going on fire. Maharashtra Government is very irritated with them, they have broken their house too. Mumbai Maharastra's government has very jealousy of the Kangana Ranaut. Because Kangana is also against the Maharastra government. During the case of Sushant Singh, Rajput Mumbai police have not to support because their officers are also involved in this case.

 But the Sushant fan following is very or their fan is fighting for their justice. Sushant is the only Indian hero who lands on the moon. He is a multitalented man of Indian Bollywood. Mostly Indian celebrities are hated for the Sushant Singh Rajput. Because he belongs from the Bihar state. The case of Mumbai Police is very unconvincing in this case: in the whole world, it should not be a bad thing. First of all, support the police wherever you are. Mumbai Police has got its nose cut from this case. It is a matter of great sadness for us: that I murdered a hero and someone did anything did not want to do this, God will punish whoever is this.

In this case, many political leaders of the Maharashtra government or many Indian celebrities of the Flim industry are so involved in this case. This case is being investigated anytime soon, the killers will be revealed. All the evidence came to know that this is Sushant's friends and his servant on the instructions of releasing this.
All of this happened for money: Rhea was Sushant's girlfriend and she used to do all this for money. A scam of 15 crore rupees has come to light after Sushant's death. In a few days, find out who made everyone do it: that the CBI has been kept in the eyes of all of them, as soon as they do any action, the CBI will reach out. 

All these people whom you did very badly, just ask for money from the person in front of you. But a man like Sushant is not a hero: in this Bollywood industry. He will always be in our heart, he is alive for our fans. In his film the heart is poor he made a splash as soon as he came. 


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